Contact List

Thank you for contacting Barry Avenue Plating. In an effort to facilitate your communications with us, below are key contacts of our team.

Phone: 310-478-0078 | Fax: 310-312-0702

Customer Service Lead
Stephanie Murillo ext 290
Customer Service
Diana Barrales ext 202
Customer Service
Robert Urribe ext 277
Shipping Supervisor
Julio Guardado ext 250
Senior Estimator
Ramin Dashtipour ext 237
Mario Granados ext 286
Operations Manager
Jesse Fairless ext 274
Accounts Receivable
Karen Chavez ext 221
Susy Maldonado ext 241
Ingris Ordonez ext 204
VP of Operations
Cruz Maldonado ext 243
Chuck Kearsley ext 236
Quality Assurance Manager
Pablo Lanuza ext 248
Quality Control Manager
Laura Curtis ext 222
Quality Control Supervisor
Cynthia Oxley ext 212